The main entrance to the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center is now open. Van Pelt Library and the Fisher Fine Arts Library are currently open to Penn Card holders, Penn affiliates, and certain visitors. See our Service Alerts for details.

Martin and Margy Meyerson Conference Center

The large meeting table of the conference center. A projector is mounted on the ceiling.

Accordion List

  • Overhead projection system with laptop
  • PC desktop

To reserve, email the room manager (Aleta Arthurs). The room manager will email you with the status of your request.

Email Aleta Arthurs

Location and Accessibility


For Wheelchairs

  • Sufficient doorway & hallway clearance
  • Clearance to approach table
  • Table with accessible surface height, knee clearance, and leg clearance

Orthopedic Accessibility

  • Chairs have adjustable height

Nearby Bathrooms

  • 2nd floor west: One accessible, gender-neutral bathroom is located at the west end of the 2nd floor Lippincott space. 
  • 2nd floor east: Men's and women's rooms have an accessible stall each. They are located opposite the doors of the Meyerson Conference room
  • 3rd floor west: 8 additional accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms are located on the 3rd floor in the Lippincott elevator lobby. 
  • 2nd floor plan  | 3rd floor plan

Accessible Entrance

Accessible entrance on the ground floor. A brick walk leads from the north side of Levy Park to the accessible door. At the end of the walk are 2 doors. The accessible door is on the right.

Directions to the accessible entrance:   Word   |   PDF