The Weigle Information Commons (WIC) offers collaborative study spaces, technology-rich classrooms, training, equipment, and support for digital and emerging media and technology, for Penn students, faculty, and staff.

Education Commons

An annex of the WIC at Franklin Field that houses a makerspace and additional study spaces

Vitale Digital Media Lab

Make media in our media production lab and equipment lending program located at the end of WIC

Hechtman Recording Studio

Create professional quality content in our studio space for video, audio, and photo production on the 3rd floor of Van Pelt


Leqi Liu

Leqi Liu

Instructional Technology Specialist

Location and Accessibility


The accessible entrance of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center opens into the Goldstein Undergraduate Study Center. This entrance is on the ground floor of the building facing Blanche P. Levy Park and College Hall. A wheelchair accessible doorbell is located on the railing leading toward the door.

Additional Information

Accessible Entrance

Accessible entrance, ground floor, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center

Directions to the accessible entrance:   Word   |   PDF